5 Best GMX Alternatives

GMX is one of the best email service providers introduced by Global Mail Exchange, Headquartered in Berlin, Germany. GMX has covered almost 25% of the internet users in Germany, that is, nearly 11 million active users.

Also, after creating a new account, users will get access to their email address and many related services, which are Organisers, File Storage, Address Book, and Calendars, to create reminders of important meetings and appointments you can’t miss.

Users have started to face a few issues while using GMX as their internet provider. Users are complaining that the server of GMX Mail slows down, and the page stops responding. This happens because of the high traffic coming to the website, which slows down the server.

Users have started to find new alternatives for GMX because of the server issue. Tons of email providers can be a worthy competition to GMX, and we have researched and collected the names of the top 5 best GMX alternatives.


Web.de is a German-based Internet portal founded in 1995 by 1&1 Mail. Web.de covers almost 26% of the German population, about 17 Million active users. Web.de offers Email with 100% safety and security, and because of the end-to-end encryption, all data in the sent and received Email will not be messed with and be dealt with safely.

Web.de focuses mainly on data protection and security that meets the standard of the “Email Made In Germany” and “Cloud Made In Germany.” Including Mail, Web.de offers information, entertainment, cloud, digital identity, and many more unique features.

Additionally, Another user attraction is the Web.de login and registration process which is as simple as it can get and you can easily make an account in a few minutes. So if you’re thinking about switching from GMX, Web.de mail is no doubt a great alternative that will suit all your requirements perfectly.


ProtonMail is a secure emailing service launched in 2014 by Andy Yen and is based in Geneva, Switzerland. The user interface of ProtonMail is very easy to use and lets users access their emails quickly with a few clicks.

ProtonMail’s premium-designed inbox is specifically made for users who need to send and receive emails quickly. The end-to-end encryption technology lets you send emails completely virus-free and anonymously.

This emailing service is one of the best when thinking about alternatives to GMX.

Zoho Mail

Zoho is at 3rd on the list of GMX’s best alternatives because of the safety and security measures. Zoho Mail is specifically made for business purposes, emails, and dealings.

You can make custom emails for all your employees and create email groups for different departments; that helps when you have to convey a message or an announcement to all employees without much effort.

Zoho Mail guarantees that your privacy and data safety are 100% protected from being misused or catching any viruses. Your data is completely encrypted, and not even Zoho officials can get access to your data.

Outlook Mail

Although Outlook isn’t a German-based emailing service when users hear that this platform is introduced by Microsoft, it makes it attractive. Microsoft is globally known for its premium features and safety and security measures.

The primary function of Outlook is an emailing service, but other than that, it offers calendaring, task managing, contact managing, journal logging, web browsing, personal note, and much more.

If you’re in Germany and are looking for an alternative to GMX, this is a perfect option for you to pick.


Mailbox.org is a German-based web-mailing service and is known for its privacy and protection policies, and because of that, it stands on the top 5 list of elite email providers.

Although it is a paid emailing client, if you decide to use this service as your email service provider, you can get 30days of free trial that will help you get a glimpse of what the actual service will feel like.

Also, you can choose your custom domain if you decide to use MailBox. Including that, you can get access to many other features such as calendering, powered by 100% eco-friendly energy, Webchat, Spreadsheets, PGP Encryption (one of the top encryptions available.)

That’s all! We hope this helped you decide which email provider you should choose as an alternative for GMX. Enjoy!


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